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Affordably eliminating gophers and moles Around San Jose and the South Bay
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We get rid of gophers and moles form your lawn and landscape affordably. We use safe and effective methods to stop the digging animals that are making piles of dirt in your grass and yard.  The tunneling activities of gophers and moles can cause hundreds and even thousands of dollars of damage to a landscape in a single year. 

A gopher can kill several plants in just a few weeks, and they will ruin a lawn in a season. 

Moles can cause retaining wall damage, and can ruin pathways and flagstone patios quickly. Moles also can make huge piles of dirt in a lawn which will kill off the grass and make the surface unsafe for sports. 

If you have raccoons or skunks causing a problem, living under your deck, or tearing up you grass, give a call. We can help with them too!

Are rats chewing the wires in your car's engine compartment?  We trap problem rats and help you identify where they are coming from!

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We presently treat all cities in Santa Clara County and Southern San Mateo County
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